• Getting started in created the home gym space. Creating the foundation before personalizing the flooring, equipment, and walls.

Seattle Home And Community Gym Design

For those who want a gym of their own, our consulting services will work directly with your contractor on equipment, design, and sourcing so that your workouts offer the comforts a gym can’t offer you.  It’s great to have the know how of putting it all together, and it’s even better to have an expert that can bring all the elements together so that your personal gym gives you the environment for you to succeed.  Based on the space and your athletic profile, we will make your space a place you enjoy improving your fitness.

After your initial consultation, we draft a statement of work that will baseline the visits necessary to complete your gym.  Life continues as you juggle side projects.  A gym consultant allows you to not lose sight of your responsibilities while we communicate and coordinate with the key players.

Gym Consultation Rate – $125/hr